Friday, January 30, 2009

Snow days in Bolivar

As many of you know we have had ice, sleet, and snow Monday and Tuesday. As a result my children have had no school and lots of hours to sled and yesterday they decided to go out and build snow men. Not much to do on these cold days in the country ,I guess. Here are my 14, and 15 year old with the neighbor and one of my childcare kids.
After sledding the past few days with, mind you our towns Wal-mart no longer carries sleds, their version of a sled was a pizza pan two place mats and an old tarp. Had a blast sledding down the neighbors hill and in town on many fun spots. Yes, we are rednecks!!! They rounded out the days off with a couple snow people. Kaelie decided to make hers a girl. Yes it does have boobs and on the back she put butt cheeks. Any good woman knows we need to add butt cheeks to make it proper. Add a little flower and candy canes for arms, dig through moms scrapping pile and came up with some ribbon and buttons.
Devin came up with a nature inspired version I guess. A few rocks and some grass and he was good to go. Very proud are they with their little snow people. This is the happenings at our house the past few days not much more has gone on due to the weather but never a dull moment anyway, fun is always to be had around here.
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Traci Esker said...

That's hysterical. I love K's snowgirl...she is so cute.

Kendra said...

LOL! Those snowpeople (being PC here) are awesome!