Monday, January 26, 2009


I do recall posting that I would not be good at updating this POD thing on as usual I have them taken just did not get them up. I still have not included all of them but here are a few. I will start out with "tip". My tip is either clean before each load..the cat...or clean out the dryer of all foreign objects before loading clothes. I was unloading the dryer this day and when I came back in the laundry room to put the wet clothes in I found Tinkerbelle in there instead. Don't try this at home!!
"Instruct" is my word for this day. As many of you know I am married to a basketball coach. He is now the head coach for the Bolivar Lady Liberators. He loves this role and knows that God had a plan (nothing we ever dreamed would happen) when this happened. But all in all he loves it and wouldn't trade it for anything. The plus is he can coach and has coached our girls! Just a little info...they won STATE last year!!!!!
"Water" is always always in this sink. I do child care and have 3 of my own children so dishpan hands are a must here. My dishwasher isn't cleaning so great these days (not that I ever used it anyway) so this is the water in my life..just call me June. LOL
"Fruit" On Christmas eve we were blessed to receive Florida Oranges form the father-in-law. He lives in St. Pete Beach,Florida. Yea, I feel sorry for him too...NOT! Esp after the storm we are supposed to be getting today. Anyway I added some apples and watch the kids attack. My children are strange they actually love this stuff. Thanks for looking and good luck with the weather coming your way. Pray for no power outages.
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I MUST tell you about my sister in law and their cat in the dryer. It is a pretty good story.